Ramesses VII and the Twentieth Dynasty

  title={Ramesses VII and the Twentieth Dynasty},
  author={K. Kitchen},
  journal={The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology},
  pages={182 - 194}
  • K. Kitchen
  • Published 1972
  • History
  • The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology
IN recent studies on the family relationships of the Twentieth Dynasty;' Ramesses VII (It-Amiin) has received least attention, his possible relationship to other kings of the line being either dismissed with a rapid conjectureor left aside altogether.s However, one small piece of probable evidence seems to have been entirely overlooked hitherto: a sandstone doorjamb found in pieces among the tombs of Deir el-Medineh.s This bears in two identical columns the following text: '[.....] the good god… Expand
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463-4, 41, cf. 333-5; the supposed reference in Year 13 of R. IX is very dubious and probably to be omitted (cf. Cerny
  • BiOr
  • 1962
Isomo-msrt, making no sense. For On-of-Res, see Gardiner, Ancient Egyptian Onomastica
  • Previously read as
  • 1947
203, n. 64, speaks decidedly for a pre-R, VI date for these figures
  • JNES
If, however, these two figures were the work of Ramesses VI, then this would be additional evidence for his being son of Isis-Ta-Hmdrt, and add another son alongside R. VII. S See Lepsius
    It is much to be regretted that this monument has not been rediscovered in more recent times
      Not V, as Seele had ingeniously suggested, using photos only
        Note Cerny's reading and restoration
        • JEA
        RT being expressed by a special plant-ideogram, see Monnet, op, cit. 226: D, and pl