Raman spectroscopy of (Ca,Mg)MgSi2O6 clinopyroxenes

  title={Raman spectroscopy of (Ca,Mg)MgSi2O6 clinopyroxenes},
  author={Mario Tribaudino and Luciana Mantovani and Danilo Bersani and Pier Paolo Lottici},
  journal={American Mineralogist},
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Abstract The Raman spectra of eight clinopyroxenes synthesized along the join diopside-clinoenstatite (Di- Cen, CaMgSi2O6-Mg2Si2O6) were measured. The splitting of the 670 cm-1 mode of the Ag symmetry, observed in the composition Di52En48 to clinoenstatite, was interpreted as evidence of a C2/c-P21/c phase transition. The transition was also revealed by deviation from the linear dependence of the peak position vs. composition and by the appearance of several new peaks in the samples richer in… Expand
Raman spectroscopy of CaCoSi2O6–Co2Si2O6 clinopyroxenes
Raman spectra were collected on a set of synthetic clinopyroxenes along the series CaCoSi2O6–Co2Si2O6. Changes in peak position and peak width show: (1) evidence of a phase transition from C2/c toExpand
The structure of (Ca,Co)CoSi2O6 pyroxenes and the Ca-M2+ substitution in (Ca,M2+)M2+Si2O6 pyroxenes (M2+ = Co, Fe, Mg)
Abstract The crystal structure of three C2/c clinopyroxenes with composition (Ca0.8Co0.2)CoSi2O6, (Ca0.6Co0.4) CoSi2O6 and (Ca0.4Co0.6)CoSi2O6 was refined down to R4σ = 2.6% by single-crystal X-rayExpand
Raman spectroscopy of CaM2+Ge2O6 (M2+ = Mg, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Zn) clinopyroxenes
The Raman spectra of Ge-clinopyroxenes CaM2+Ge2O6 (M2+ = Mg, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Zn), general formula M2M1T2O6, are reported for the first time. Their spectral features are discussed in comparison withExpand
Structural and Raman spectroscopic characterization of pyroxene-type compounds in the CaCu1-xZnxGe2O6 solid-solution series.
Differential thermal analysis, single-crystal X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy were used to characterize phase stability, phase changes and structural alterations induced by the substitution of Cu2+ with Zn2+. Expand
Experimental and calculated Raman spectra in Ca–Zn pyroxenes and a comparison between (CaxM2+1−x)M2+Si2O6 pyroxenes (M2+ = Mg, Co, Zn, Fe2+)
The Raman spectra of the end member pyroxenes CaZnSi2O6 and Zn2Si2O6 are calculated by quantum mechanical modeling and compared with the experimental ones measured in synthetic (CaxZn1−x)ZnSi2O6Expand
The structure of P21/c (Ca0.2Co0.8)CoSi2O6 pyroxene and the C2/c–P21/c phase transition in natural and synthetic Ca–Mg–Fe2+ pyroxenes
ABSTRACT A P21/c synthetic (Ca0.2Co0.8)CoSi2O6 pyroxene was synthesized by slow cooling from melt at high pressure. Single crystals suitable for X-ray diffraction were obtained and refined. TheExpand
Solid solutions and phase transitions in (Ca,M2+)M2+Si2O6 pyroxenes (M2+ = Co, Fe, Mg)
Abstract The effect of the substitution of Ca with Co, on the phase transition and on the extension of the miscibility gap, was studied to model the general mechanism of phase transitions and solidExpand
Structure, bond characteristics and Raman spectra of CaMg1-xMnxSi2O6 microwave dielectric ceramics
Abstract The CaMg1-xMnxSi2O6(x = 0–0.08)ceramics were reported here for the first time. The relationships among structural characteristics, vibrational modes and dielectric properties for theExpand
Raman modes in Pbca enstatite (Mg2Si2O6): an assignment by quantum mechanical calculation to interpret experimental results
Raman spectra of orthoenstatite have been computed from first principles, employing the hybrid Hamiltonian WC1LYP.[1] The calculated data show excellent agreement with the experimental data fromExpand
In situ structural changes of amorphous diopside (CaMgSi2O6) up to 20 GPa: A Raman and O K-edge X-ray Raman spectroscopic study
Abstract Diopside, CaMgSi2O6, is an important analogue for depolymerized silicate melts. We have used the complimentary spectroscopies, X-ray Raman Scattering (XRS), X-ray absorption near edgeExpand


Crystal structures of Ca-rich clinopyroxenes on the CaMgSi2O6-Mg2Si2O6 join
The structural changes occurring in the clinopyroxenes with composition Di100, Di90En10 and Di80En20, due to the Ca-Mg substitution in the M2 site, have been studied. Evidence is given that withExpand
Average and local structure in P21/c clinopyroxenes along the join diopside-enstatite (CaMgSi2O6-Mg2Si2O6)
A single-crystal X-ray refinement has been performed on two synthetic P 2 1/c clinopyroxenes of composition Ca 0.15 Mg 1.85 Si 2 O 6 (Di 15 En 85 ) and Ca 0.23 Mg 1.77 Si 2 O 6 (Di 23 En 77 ).Expand
Thermochemistry of synthetic clinopyroxenes on the join CaMgSi2O6-Mg2Si2O6
Abstract Enthalpies of solution of synthetic clinopyroxenes on the join CaMgSi2O6-Mg2Si2O6 have been measured in a melt of composition Pb2B2O5 at 970 K. Most of the measurements were made on samplesExpand
Phase transition induced by solid solution: The BCa-BMg substitution in richteritic amphiboles
Abstract Eleven compositions along the join Na(NaMg)Mg5Si8O22(OH)2-Na(NaCa)Mg5Si8O22(OH)2 (“magnesiorichterite”-richterite) have been synthesized at T = 800-850 °C and PH₂O = 0.35-0.5 GPa. The runExpand
A transmission electron microscope investigation of the C2/c→ P21/c phase transition in clinopyroxenes along the diopside-enstatite (CaMgSi2O6-Mg2Si2O6) join
Abstract A transmission electron microscope investigation was performed on a series of synthetic clinopyroxenes with compositions between Ca0.7Mg1.3Si2O6 and Ca0.5Mg1.5Si206. For samples with CaExpand
Average structure and M2 site configurations in C2/c clinopyroxenes along the Di-En join
In order to clarify the structural configurations observed in Diss in the Ca-rich region of the Di-En join (in which TEM observations show neither exsolution microstructures nor evidence of spinodalExpand
Raman spectroscopic study of pyroxene structures from the Munni Munni layered intrusion, Western Australia
Raman spectra were obtained for a series of clinopyroxenes, orthopyroxenes and inverted pigeonites from the Munni Munni layered mafic-ultramafic intrusion in Western Australia. Their compositionExpand
Raman spectroscopic characteristics of Mg-Fe-Ca pyroxenes
Abstract Raman spectra of several compositions of (Mg, Fe, Ca)SiO3 pyroxenes were collected at ambient conditions. More than 10 Raman vibrational modes were observed for these pyroxenes in theExpand
A P21/c-C2/c high-pressure phase transition in Ca0.5Mg1.5Si2O6 clinopyroxene
Abstract A high-pressure P21/c-C2/c phase transition in a synthetic iron-free clinopyroxene of composition Ca0.5Mg1.5Si2O6 was observed at pressure between 3 and 5 GPa from powder diffraction dataExpand
The structures of fi ve clinopyroxenes on the diopside–enstatite join have been refi ned by Rietveld analysis of powder-diffraction patterns obtained with synchrotron radiation. The reliability ofExpand