Raman spectroscopy hyperspectral imager based on Bragg tunable filters

  title={Raman spectroscopy hyperspectral imager based on Bragg tunable filters},
  author={St{\'e}phane Marcet and Marc Verhaegen and S'ebastien Blais-Ouellette and Richard Martel},
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A new type of Raman spectroscopy hyperspectral imager based on Bragg tunable filter has been developed by University of Montreal and Photon etc. The technology of Bragg tunable filter significantly reduces the acquisition time by selecting a single wavelength in a full camera field and scanning the wavelength with a high efficiency. The transmission is continuously tunable over 400 nm range with a spectral resolution of 0.2 nm. We here present the principle of this novel Raman imaging system as… 
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