Raman scattering in a LiNiPO4 single crystal

  title={Raman scattering in a LiNiPO4 single crystal},
  author={V. I. Fomin and Vladimir Gnezdilov and V. S. Kurnosov and A. V. Peschanskii and Andrei V. Yeremenko and Hans Schmid and J. P. Rivera and Sandrine Gentil},
  journal={Low Temperature Physics},
The complete Raman spectra of a single crystal of LiNiPO4 for a wide temperature range are reported. Of the 36 Raman-active modes predicted by group theory, 33 have been detected. The spectra are successfully analyzed in terms of internal modes of the (PO4)3− group and external modes. Multiphonon Raman scattering is also discussed. Low-frequency lines, observed in the antiferromagnetic phase, are assigned to magnon scattering and are discussed briefly. 
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