Raman microscopy for dynamic molecular imaging of living cells.

  title={Raman microscopy for dynamic molecular imaging of living cells.},
  author={Keisaku Hamada and Katsumasa Fujita and Nicholas Isaac Smith and Minoru Kobayashi and Yasushi Inouye and Satoshi Kawata},
  journal={Journal of biomedical optics},
  volume={13 4},
We demonstrate dynamic imaging of molecular distribution in unstained living cells using Raman scattering. By combining slit-scanning detection and optimizing the excitation wavelength, we imaged the dynamic molecular distributions of cytochrome c, protein beta sheets, and lipids in unstained HeLa cells with a temporal resolution of 3 minutes. We found that 532-nm excitation can be used to generate strong Raman scattering signals and to suppress autofluorescence that typically obscures Raman… CONTINUE READING

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