Raman imaging of two orthogonal planes within cortical bone.

  title={Raman imaging of two orthogonal planes within cortical bone.},
  author={M. Kazanci and H Daniel Wagner and N I Manjubala and Himadri S Gupta and E. P. Paschalis and Paul Roschger and Peter Fratzl},
  volume={41 3},
The lamellar bone's strength is mainly affected by the organization of its mineralized collagen fibers and material composition. In the present study, Raman microspectroscopic and imaging analyses were employed to study a normal human femoral midshaft bone cube-like specimen with a spatial resolution of approximately 1-2 microm. Identical bone lamellae in both longitudinal and transverse directions were analyzed, which allowed us to separate out orientation and composition dependent Raman lines… CONTINUE READING