Raman-excited spin coherences in nitrogen-vacancy color centers in diamond.

  title={Raman-excited spin coherences in nitrogen-vacancy color centers in diamond.},
  author={Philip R. Hemmer and Alexey Turukhin and M. Selim Shahriar and James A. Musser},
  journal={Optics letters},
  volume={26 6},
Raman-excited spin coherences were experimentally observed in nitrogen-vacancy (N-V) diamond color centers by means of nondegenerate four-wave mixing and electromagnetically induced transparency. The maximal absorption suppression was found to be 17%, which corresponds to 70% of what is possible given the random geometric orientation of the N-V center in diamond. In the context of quantum computing in solids, this level of transparency represents efficient preparation of quantum bits, as well… CONTINUE READING

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