Raloxifene prevents endothelial dysfunction in aging ovariectomized female rats.

  title={Raloxifene prevents endothelial dysfunction in aging ovariectomized female rats.},
  author={Chi Ming Wong and Xiao-qiang Yao and Chak Leung Au and Suk-ying Tsang and K. P. Fung and Ismail Laher and Paul Michel Vanhoutte and Yu Huang},
  journal={Vascular pharmacology},
  volume={44 5},
Lack of an appropriate animal model has delayed the better understanding of mechanisms related to higher cardiovascular risk in women after menopause. The aging female rat may share some menopausal changes observed in women. However, most studies have attempted to mimic menopause by ovariectomizing young (6-12 weeks old) animals without taking into accounts the influence of aging and of declining ovarian function. Therefore, the present study examined changes in vascular reactivity in the aging… CONTINUE READING


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