Raloxifene: A selective estrogen receptor modulator

  title={Raloxifene: A selective estrogen receptor modulator},
  author={Dr. Masahiko Sato and Andrew L. Glasebrook and Henry U. Bryant},
  journal={Journal of Bone and Mineral Metabolism},
Raloxifene is a benzothiophene derivative that was first examined ten years ago and has variously been referred to as keoxifene, LY139431, or LY156758. Raloxifene was classified generally as an anti-estrogen, because like tamoxifen it antagonizes the stiimulatory effects of estrogen on uterine weight. However, raloxifene inhibited the proliferation of the human breast cancer cell line, MCF-7, with IC50=0.2 nM compared to IC50=200 nM for tamoxifen; and histological analysis of uteri from… CONTINUE READING