Rainbow fair queueing: theory and applications

  title={Rainbow fair queueing: theory and applications},
  author={Zhiruo Cao and E. Zegura and Z. Wang},
  journal={Comput. Networks},
  • Zhiruo Cao, E. Zegura, Z. Wang
  • Published 2005
  • Computer Science
  • Comput. Networks
  • Fair bandwidth sharing at routers has several advantages, including protection of well-behaved flows and possible simplification of end-to-end congestion control mechanisms. Traditional mechanisms to achieve fair sharing (e.g., Weighted Fair Queueing, Flow Random Early Discard) require per-flow state to determine which packets to drop under congestion, and therefore are complex to implement at the interior of a high-speed network. This scalability limitation of traditional WFQ implementations… CONTINUE READING
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