Ragnar Granit 100 Years - Memories and Reflections

  title={Ragnar Granit 100 Years - Memories and Reflections},
  author={Daniel Kernell},
  journal={Journal of the History of the Neurosciences},
  pages={280 - 285}
  • D. Kernell
  • Published 1 December 2000
  • Geology
  • Journal of the History of the Neurosciences
The Swedish-Finnish Nobel laureate Ragnar Granit, born 100 years ago, is commemorated in a brief article by one of his former PhD students and collaborators. After a short account of Granit’s life and scientific career, special attention is given to Granit’s role as a teacher in research training and his published thoughts on this matter, partly reflecting Granit’s own experience as a “postdoc’‘ in the laboratory of Sherrington (Oxford). The article includes personal recollections of how it was… 
Threshold Differences on Figure and Ground: Gelb and Granit (1923)
In 1923, Gelb and Granit reported a lower threshold for the target when presented on a ground region than on an adjacent figural region, and this finding has not previously been available as an English translation.
Granit, Ragnar Arthur
An Autobiographical Sketch of a Practitioner–Neurohistorian
  • F. Rose
  • History
    Journal of the history of the neurosciences
  • 2005


Ragnar Granit
Since there appear not to be any ideas in the mind before the senses have conveyed any in, I conceive that Ideas in the understanding are coeval with sensation.
Receptors and Sensory Perception
Receptors and Sensory PerceptionA Discussion of Aims, Means, and Results of Electrophysiological Research into the Process of Reception. (Mrs. Hepsa Ely Silliman Memorial Lectures.) By Dr. Ragnar
Sensory Mechanisms of the Retina
THIS book is not a general treatise on vision, but in deals with some additions to visual physiology in the last fifteen years that have been derived from the study of action potentials of the retina
The Integrative Action of the Nervous System
The specially human attributes which distinguish the authors' species from the rest of the Mammalia have at least an intimate connection with the superior development of the central nervous system, and a peculiar interest in tracing the methods by which this complexity is of advantage to the individual.
The Basis of Motor Control
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Hur det kom sig
  • Forskarminnen och motiveringar.Stockholm, PA Norstedt & Söner
  • 1983
Hur det kom sig. Forskarminnen och motiveringar
  • 1983
Mechanisms regulating the discharge of motoneurons