Rafael Carrera: Defender and Promoter of Peasant Interests in Guatemala, 1837-1848

  title={Rafael Carrera: Defender and Promoter of Peasant Interests in Guatemala, 1837-1848},
  author={Keith L. Miceli},
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In the 1837-1839 rebellion in Guatemala Rafael Carrera, an illiterate mestizo swineherd, led his impromptu army of indigenous peasants to victory over Liberal government forces of Mariano Galvez. The rebellion was a popular insurrection in some respects, with Carrera and his followers fighting to restore religious and social customs that were being threatened by Liberal legislation. Encouraged by his parish priestadvisors and adored by his followers, Carrera had reached a stage of… 

“A Chosen People”: Religious Discourse and the Making of the Republic of Guatemala, 1821-1871

No clearer testimony evidenced the social upheaval and shifting political landscape in Guatemala in February 1838 than the graphic narrative by the traveling United States' diplomat, John Lloyd

Reform and (Counter)Revolution in Post- Independence Guatemala

Frederick Stirton Weaver is a professor of economics and history at Hampshire College. He thanks Carollee Bengelsdorf, Barbara Corbett, Chistopher Lutz, Roberto Márquez, the librarians at the

Local History in Global Context: Social and Economic Transitions in Western Guatemala

  • C. A. Smith
  • Political Science
    Comparative Studies in Society and History
  • 1984
It is increasingly fashionable for anthropologists to castigate themselves (or at least to castigate other anthropologists) for failing to take into account the larger or global processes that affect

The Peculiarities of Mexican History: Mexico Compared to Latin America, 1821–1992

  • A. Knight
  • Political Science
    Journal of Latin American Studies
  • 1992
This is a piece of comparative history, not an exercise in folkloric whimsy. It does not attempt to probe the secrets of lo mexicano, la mexicanidad, or any of the other quasi-metaphysical concepts

Index to Volume XXXI: July, 1974 through April, 1975

  • Political Science
    The Americas
  • 1975
/ \bad e Queipo, Manuel (note), 210 ABC Revolutionary Society, 173,175-76,182 Abreu, Rui Mendes de, 377 Acufia, Rodolfo, Sonoran Strongman: Ignacio Pesqueira and His Times (review), 383-84 Adams,

La contribución directa y la capitación en Chiapas y Guatemala en las décadas republicanas

  • Aaron Pollack
  • Political Science
    Anuario de Estudios Centroamericanos
  • 2019
No obstante su historia común como partes de la misma audiencia española, Chiapas y Guatemala elaboraron sistemas fiscales diferentes al separarse políticamente. Este artículo discute las diferencias