Radiotracer investigation in a glass production unit.

  title={Radiotracer investigation in a glass production unit.},
  author={Harish Jagat Pant and Sunil Goswami and Jayashree Biswal and Julie Samantaray and V K Sharma and Sorabh Singhal},
  journal={Applied radiation and isotopes : including data, instrumentation and methods for use in agriculture, industry and medicine},
A radiotracer investigation was carried out in a glass production unit in a glass industry. Lanthanum-140 as lanthanium oxide mixed with silica was used as a radiotracer to trace the molten glass in various sections of the unit. Residence time distributions of molten glass were measured and analyzed to identify the flow abnormities. The flow parameters such as breakthrough time, mean residence time, homogenization time, dead volume and flow patterns in different sections of the unit were… CONTINUE READING

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