Radiotracer in Rat's Forelimb

  • Gh Assadnassab
  • Published 2014


Purpose: To evaluate the efficacy and radioactivity counts of technetium-99m methylene diphosphonate (Tc-MDP) radiotracer by scintigraphy. Method: In this study, 7 healthy Wistar rats were anesthetized. Technetium was milked from molybdenum-technetium generator and added to methylene diphosphonate (MDP) kit. Scintigraphic scans were carried out in several areas of the rat’s forelimbs by gamma camera 2 h after the injection of Tc-MDP via the tail vein. Accumulations of the radioisotope in the study areas were calculated using region of interest (ROI) technique. Results: Mean count of radioisotope in the right and left sides of the shoulder area was 4179.29 and 4074.24, respectively; in the right and left sides of the elbow joint areas, the count was 1662.14, 1645.28, respectively. The count in the right and left sides of the carpal joint and finger areas was 1908.42 and 2028.28, respectively. Conclusion: This study shows that Tc-MDP radiotracer can be used for survey radioactivity examination in different bones of the forelimb. Comparison of radioisotope counts in these areas can be used for the diagnosis of disease.

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