Radiotoxicity of 125I in mammalian cells.

  title={Radiotoxicity of 125I in mammalian cells.},
  author={Amin I. Kassis and Fouad Fayad and Berma M. Kinsey and Kasibhatia Sastry and Roswitha Taube and S. James Adelstein},
  journal={Radiation research},
  volume={111 2},
The radiotoxicity of 125I in Chinese hamster V79 lung fibroblasts has been studied following extracellular (Na125I), cytoplasmic [125I]iododihydrorhodamine (125I-DR), and nuclear (125IUdR) localization of the radionuclide. Exposure of the cells for 18 h to Na125I (less than or equal to 7.4 MBq/ml) had no effect on survival. A similar exposure to 125I-DR produced a survival curve with a distinct shoulder and with a mean lethal dose (D37) of 4.62 Gy to the nucleus. While this value compares well… CONTINUE READING


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