Radiotherapy of solitary plasmacytoma

  title={Radiotherapy of solitary plasmacytoma},
  author={Sonja Krause and Jens Hillenga\ss and Hartmut Goldschmidt and J{\"u}rgen Debus and Dirk Neuhof},
  journal={Annals of Hematology},
Solitary plasmacytoma of the bone (SBP) or extramedullary plasmacytoma (EP) are rare neoplasms amenable to local radiotherapy. In this retrospective analysis, we report the University Heidelberg experience in the treatment of solitary plasmacytoma. From 1995 to 2008, 18 patients were treated with local radiotherapy. Ten patients suffered from SBP, eight patients showed a single extramedullary lesion. Local radiotherapy with a median dose of 45 Gy yielded excellent local control with only one… CONTINUE READING


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