Radiosurgery of Intracranial Cavernous Malformations

  title={Radiosurgery of Intracranial Cavernous Malformations},
  author={Dong Gyu Kim and Woo Jin Choe and Sun Ha Paek and Hans T. Chung and In Hee Kim and Dae Hee Han},
  journal={Acta Neurochirurgica},
 Background: The efficacy of radiosurgery in cases of surgically high risk symptomatic cavernous malformations (CMs) for reducing haemorrhagic risk and for seizure control has not been clearly documented and the radiation-induced complications of radiosurgery remain problematic. The authors present a retrospective clinical analysis of 22 cases of CMs treated by radiosurgery.  Methods: Twenty-two patients with symptomatic CMs were treated by linear accelerator (LINAC) radiosurgery or Gamma… CONTINUE READING


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