Radiosurgery in the management of pediatric brain tumors

  title={Radiosurgery in the management of pediatric brain tumors},
  author={Antonino Raco and Anthony J. Raimondi and A. D’Alonzo and Virginie Esposito and Valeria Valentino},
  journal={Child's Nervous System},
A total of 114 patients with benign and malignant intracranial tumors were treated by Valentino at the Flaminia Radiosurgical Center using a Philips 6-MeV linear accelerator between 1987 and 1995. The tumor locations break down as follows: 36 in the cerebral hemispheres, 14 in the region of the hypothalamus/optic chiasm, 21 in the III ventricle/pineal region, 3 in the basal ganglia, 27 in the posterior fossa, 13 in the brain stem. Seventy-nine patients had multivariate/combined treatment… CONTINUE READING