Radiopurity assessment of the energy readout for the NEXT double beta decay experiment

  title={Radiopurity assessment of the energy readout for the NEXT double beta decay experiment},
  author={S. Cebri'an and J. P'erez and I. Bandac and Luis Labarga and V. {\'A}lvarez and C. D. R. Azevedo and J. M. Benlloch-Rodr'iguez and F. I. G. Borges and A. Botas and S. C'arcel and J. V. Carri'on and C. Nieto Conde and J. D'iaz and M. Diesburg and J. Escada and Romain Esteve and Roland Felkai and L. M. P. Fernandes and Paola Ferrario and Alexandre Ferreira and E. D. C. Freitas and Aharon Goldschmidt and Juan Jos{\'e} G{\'o}mez-Cadenas and Diego Gonzalez-Diaz and R. M. Guti'errez and John Michael Hauptman and C. A. O. Henriques and Andr{\'e}s I. Hern{\'a}ndez and J. A. Hernando Morata and Vicente Herrero and B. Jones and Andrew Laing and Patrice Lebrun and Igor Liubarsky and N. Lopez-march and Mauricio Losada and Justo Mart'in-Albo and Gonzalo Mart{\'i}nez-Lema and A. Mart'inez and A. D. Mcdonald and F. Monrabal and C. M. B. Monteiro and F Juan Mora and Lirane Machado Moutinho and J. Mu{\~n}oz Vidal and Marina Musti and M. Nebot-Guinot and Pau Novella and David Robert Nygren and Beatriz Palmeiro and A. Para and M. Querol and J. Renner and Laura Ripoll and Omar J Ochoa Rodr{\'i}guez and Leon Rogers and Fabricio P. Santos and J. D. Santos and Abel Simon and Clement Sofka and Marc Sorel and Tyana Stiegler and Pedro Toledo and Joan Torrent and Zviad Tsamalaidze and J.F.C.A. Veloso and J. A. Villar and Robert C. Webb and John Thomas White and Nadia Yahlali},
  • S. Cebri'an, J. P'erez, +67 authors Nadia Yahlali
  • Published 2017
  • Physics
  • The “Neutrino Experiment with a Xenon Time-Projection Chamber” (NEXT) experiment intends to investigate the neutrinoless double beta decay of Xe, and therefore requires a severe suppression of potential backgrounds. An extensive material screening and selection process was undertaken to quantify the radioactivity of the materials used in the experiment. Separate energy and tracking readout planes using different sensors allow us to combine the measurement of the topological signature of the… CONTINUE READING

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