Radioprotective properties of apple polyphenols: An in vitro study

  title={Radioprotective properties of apple polyphenols: An in vitro study},
  author={Pankaj Chaudhary and Sandeep Kumar Shukla and Indracanti Prem Kumar and I. Namita and Farhat Afrin and Rakesh Kumar Sharma},
  journal={Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry},
Present study was undertaken to evaluate the radioprotective ability of total polyphenols extracted from edible portion (epicarp and mesocarp) of apple. Prior administration of apple polyphenols to murine thymocytes significantly countered radiation induced DNA damage (evaluated by alkaline halo assay) and cell death (trypan blue exclusion method) in a dose dependent manner maximally at a concentration of 2 and 0.2 mg/ml respectively. Apple polyphenols in a dose dependent fashion inhibited both… CONTINUE READING


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