Radiometry of near-earth asteroids.

  title={Radiometry of near-earth asteroids.},
  author={Glenn J. Veeder and Martha S. Hanner and D. Matson and Edward F. Tedesco and Larry A. Lebofsky and Alan T. Tokunaga},
  journal={The Astronomical journal},
  volume={97 4},
We report 10 micrometers infrared photometry for 22 Aten, Apollo, and Amor asteroids. Thermal models are used to derive the corresponding radiometric albedos and diameters. Several of these asteroids appear to have surfaces of relatively high thermal inertia due to the exposure of bare rock or a coarse regolith. The Apollo asteroid 3103, 1982 BB, is recognized as class E. The Jupiter-crossing Amor asteroid 3552, 1983 SA, is confirmed as class D, but low albedos remain rare for near-Earth… CONTINUE READING