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Radiometric Mapping of Song Area and Environs, Hawal Basement Complex, Northeast Nigeria

  title={Radiometric Mapping of Song Area and Environs, Hawal Basement Complex, Northeast Nigeria},
  author={Nsikak E. Bassey and Usman Kaigama and A. Olaonipekun Oluwasegun},
A ground radiometric mapping of Song area and environs in Nigeria’s northeast basement complex was done as part of on-going geo-exploration work of the area. The area lies between longitude 12 0 35'12 0 40', and latitude 9 0 45'-9 0 52'. It covers about 113.4 km 2 . Mapping was done following a regular grid with a size of 1minute (1.8 km), and a total of 35 stations were occupied. Station identification was done with aid of a GPS. Lithological data where exposed were recorded alongside… 

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