Radiolysis and Photolysis of Icy Satellite Surfaces : Experiments and Theory

  title={Radiolysis and Photolysis of Icy Satellite Surfaces : Experiments and Theory},
  author={Terri Cassidy and Patrice J Coll and François Raulin and Richard W Carlson and Robert E. Johnson and Mark J. Loeffler and Kevin P. Hand and Ra{\'u}l A. Baragiola},
The transport and exchange of material between bodies in the outer solar system is often facilitated by their exposure to ionizing radiation. With this in mind we review the effects of energetic ions, electrons and UV photons on materials present in the outer solar system. We consider radiolysis, photolysis, and sputtering of low temperature solids. Radiolysis and photolysis are the chemistry that follows the bond breaking and ionization produced by incident radiation, producing, e.g., O2 and… CONTINUE READING
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