[Radiological aspects of malignant histiocytic pathology].


The histiocyte, macrophage of tissue monocyte is a cell of the mononuclear system. At the moment several different types of classification of the malignant histiocytic pathology are use. Seven cases of this pathology are documented: two cases of malignant histiocytosis, two cases of malignant histiocytic lymphoma, two cases of malignant histiocytoma of soft tissue and one malignant histiocytic tumor of bone. The purpose of this study is to analyse the usefulness the roentgenologic methods: conventional radiography, radionuclide scanning, computed tomography, sonography, xeroradiography, angiography. The evaluation of malignant histiocytic pathology has become more precise through the introduction of ultrasonography and computed tomography. This report adds to the understanding of the entities of this pathology in that the diagnosis of malignance was made using roentgenologic criteria and confirmed by histology.

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