Radiologic evaluation of osteosarcoma.

  title={Radiologic evaluation of osteosarcoma.},
  author={E. Michel Azouz and D. W. Esseltine and Lynn Chevalier and R B Gledhill},
  journal={Journal of the Canadian Association of Radiologists},
  volume={33 3},
Twelve patients with osteosarcoma were evaluated by plain radiographs, radionuclide bone scans and computed tomography (CT). Plain films were the primary radiologic tool for the investigation and follow-up of the skeletal lesion and were particularly helpful for the demonstration of periosteal calcification and bone permeation. The main value of the radiophosphate scan was to detect metastatic or multifocal bone disease. CT was able to show new bone formation in the soft-tissue mass not seen on… CONTINUE READING

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