Radioimmunoassay of oxytocin.

  title={Radioimmunoassay of oxytocin.},
  author={M. Yusoff Dawood and K. S. Raghavan and C Pociask},
  journal={The Journal of endocrinology},
  volume={76 2},
The evaluation of a radioimmunoassay of oxytocin is described. The method involved careful collection and transportation of blood at 4 degrees C, acidification of the plasma, extraction with Fuller's earth and radioimmunoassay using antisera raised in rabbits immunized against oxytocin conjugated to bovine serum albumin and 125I-labelled oxytocin. The antisera showed insignificant cross-reaction with a variety of small peptides including vasopressin and vasotocin. The limit of detection of the… CONTINUE READING