Radioimmunoassay of 2-hydroxyesterone and 2-methoxyestrone in human urine.

  title={Radioimmunoassay of 2-hydroxyesterone and 2-methoxyestrone in human urine.},
  author={P. Ball and G Reu and J. Schwab and Rudolf Knuppen},
  volume={33 5},
An assay for the quantitative determination of 2-hydroxyestrone and 2-methoxyestrone in human urine is described. The analytical procedure involves several purification steps: XAD-2 column chromatography of urine (1 ml), hot acid hydrolysis under reducing conditions, extraction with benzene/ethyl acetate, separation of monophenolic steroids from catecholestrogens by the formation of borate complexes, and partition between different solvents. Quantitation is achieved by radioimmunoassay using… CONTINUE READING