Radiographic study of tooth agenesis in the Turkish population

  title={Radiographic study of tooth agenesis in the Turkish population},
  author={Ali Murat Aktan and Isa M. Kara and Ismail Ugur Sener and Cihan Bereket and Sinan Ay and Mehmet Ertuğrul Çiftçi},
  journal={Oral Radiology},
This retrospective study used panoramic radiographs of a large number of Turkish patients to determine the prevalence of tooth agenesis. Data from a total of 100,577 patients were collected from six different regions of Turkey. Five experienced dentists independently examined the files, which included panoramic radiographs and demographic data (age and gender). Tooth agenesis was evaluated for hypodontia and oligodontia. Third molars were excluded from the study. Proportions were compared by… CONTINUE READING