Radiographic comparison between male and female patients with lumbar spondylolysis.

  title={Radiographic comparison between male and female patients with lumbar spondylolysis.},
  author={Shoichiro Takao and Toshinori Sakai and Koichi Sairyo and Tadashi Kondo and Junji Ueno and Natsuo Yasui and Hiromu Nishitani},
  journal={The journal of medical investigation : JMI},
  volume={57 1-2},
We studied the lumbar spines of 117 adults (39 women and 78 men) with spondylolysis unrelated to low back pain using multidetector computed tomography (CT). Of the 117 subjects with spondylolysis, including five with multiple-level spondylolysis, there were 124 vertebrae with spondylolysis. In adult lumbar spines with unilateral spondylolysis, there was no significant difference between the incidence of spondylolisthesis in female and male subjects. However, in those with bilateral… CONTINUE READING


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