Radiographic attachment in periodontitis-prone teeth with endodontic infection.

  title={Radiographic attachment in periodontitis-prone teeth with endodontic infection.},
  author={Leif E Jansson and H Ehnevid and Stefan. Lindskog and L B Bloml{\"o}f},
  journal={Journal of periodontology},
  volume={64 10},
The purpose of the present investigation was to examine the influence of a root canal infection on radiographic attachment. In addition, influence of the quality of the root fillings as well as the size of the periapical radiolucencies were studied. The investigation was conducted as a retrospective study on a consecutive referral population. The periapical conditions in endodontically-involved single-rooted teeth from a selected patient sample were correlated to the periodontal status of the… CONTINUE READING

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