• Engineering
  • Published 1973

Radiofrequency system of the IPCR (Riken) variable energy multi-particle cyclotron

  title={Radiofrequency system of the IPCR (Riken) variable energy multi-particle cyclotron},
  author={M S Odera and Yoko Chiba and Takafumi Fujisawa and Yoshinori Miyazawa and O. Terajima},
The Rlken (IPCR) Cyclotron is a variable-energy multi-particle machine wnich is capable of accelerating protons, deuterons, helium-3, alpha-particles and also heavy ions such as carbon, nitrogen and oxygen in a wide range of energy. The design and performance of its radiofrequency system are described. The system is required to work in a frequency range irom 5 to 13.5 MHz and estimated to consume maximum Power of 150 kW includlng beam load. Use of a pair of movable liners, a moving shorting… CONTINUE READING