Radioenvironmental survey of the Megalopolis lignite field basin.

  title={Radioenvironmental survey of the Megalopolis lignite field basin.},
  author={P K Rouni and Nicholas Petropoulos and Marios J Anagnostakis and E P Hinis and S. E. Simopoulos},
  journal={The Science of the total environment},
  volume={272 1-3},
The Megalopolis lignite field basin in southern Greece, with Megalopolis-A and B lignite-fired power plants in operation (total 900 MW), has been repeatedly investigated during the past 25 years by the Nuclear Engineering Section of the National Technical University of Athens (NES-NTUA). The present work aims at an integrated radioenvironmental approach leading to the dose assessment to the public and to the plants staff. This approach includes systematic sampling of lignite and barren at the… CONTINUE READING

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