Radiocarbon Dates for Sub-Saharan Africa: V

  title={Radiocarbon Dates for Sub-Saharan Africa: V},
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This list contains many scattered dates, most of them from sites either provisionally dated from other sources, or recently excavated. An important series of dates from the Sahara confirm earlier readings for food production in that area. The Daima sequence from Nigeria is dated from the middle of the first millennium A.D. to the closing centuries of the Iron Age. In East and Southern Africa, two important early Iron Age dates from Kenya have been released. Four dates for Ivuna salt-pans place… 

A New Survey of Radiocarbon and Thermoluminescence Dates for west Africa

There are signs that the familiar bias towards research on the Later Stone Age of the southern Sahara and Sahel and on the Iron Age of other parts of West Africa is beginning to be redressed,

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This paper is intended as the first of a biennial series summarizing for the benefit of historians the latest developments in radiocarbon dating for the later prehistory of eastern and southern

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Investigation of the history of states and societies in South Africa prior to the seventeenth century has been impeded by the different pathways of research pursued by historians and archaeologists

Early Metal Working in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Review of Recent Research

This paper is a review of the course of research during the past decade into the history of indigenous metal working in sub-Saharan Africa. It comprises three sections: a summary of the chronology of



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