Radiobiological effects of a low-energy ion beam on wheat.

  title={Radiobiological effects of a low-energy ion beam on wheat.},
  author={Lili Wu and Z Yu},
  journal={Radiation and environmental biophysics},
  volume={40 1},
  • Lili Wu, Z Yu
  • Published 2001 in Radiation and environmental biophysics
The radiobiological effects of a low-energy nitrogen ion (N+) beam on wheat were studied, particularly with regard to the induction of chromosome aberrations. The results demonstrated that the three test varieties showed different sensitivities to ion implantation, and a higher dose of ion implantation had a marked effect on the germination and survival rate of the seeds exposed. The germination rate and survival rate curve basically followed a similar trend in the same variety. Cytological… CONTINUE READING

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