Radioactivity levels in surface water of lakes around Izmir/Turkey

  title={Radioactivity levels in surface water of lakes around Izmir/Turkey},
  author={Sema Akyil and S. Işık Aytaş and Dogukan Alkim Turkozu and Mahmoud A.A. Aslani and Sabriye Doyurum Yusan and Meral Eral},
Abstract The aim of this study is to determine the radioactivity levels as a baseline for further studies and to obtain the distribution patterns of radioactivity in lake surface water around Izmir/Turkey. In this study, surface water samples were collected from three lakes around Izmir–Turkey. Surface water samples were analyzed for pH, mV conductivity and alkalinity content. The gross alpha/beta and uranium concentrations were investigated in the collected lake water samples. Mean gross alpha… CONTINUE READING