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Radioactive Cesium and the Heart : Pathophysiological Aspects by Professor

  title={Radioactive Cesium and the Heart : Pathophysiological Aspects by Professor},
  author={Yuri I. Bandazhevsky},
Bandazhevsky Y. Radioactive cesium and the Heart: Pathophysiological Aspects. "The Belrad Institute" 2001.-64 pp. ISBN 985-434-080-5 2 This book is one of a series of the author's publications on the effects of radioactive elements on the human body. The author analyzes the results of his clinical-laboratory studies on the impact of radioactive cesium [primarily 137 Cs] upon cardiac function. The book is intended for a wide range of readers, physicians and scientists who are interested in… Expand
Human Health and Incorporated Radionuclides
The population of the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine and the Russian Federation living in areas affected by the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has been exposed to adverse effects ofExpand
Hybrid micro-particles as a magnetically-guidable decontaminant for cesium-eluted ash slurry
It is shown that a new fine-powder formulation can be magnetically guided to eliminate cesium after being mixed with the ash slurry, and this formulation, termed MagCE, consists of a ferromagnetic porous structure and alkaline- and salt-resistant nickel ferrocyanide. Expand
Synergistically strengthened 3D micro-scavenger cage adsorbent for selective removal of radioactive cesium
A novel microporous three-dimensional pomegranate-like micro-scavenger cage (P-MSC) composite has been synthesized by immobilization of iron phyllosilicates clay onto a Prussian blue (PB)/alginateExpand


[Cellular mechanisms of calcium regulation of cardiac rhythm in children with ectopic arrhythmias].
Regulation of intracellular calcium homeostasis by means of secondary mediators calmodulin and 4,5-inositol phosphates (products of phosphatidyl inositol hydrolysis) was studied in children with ectopic forms of arrhythmias to suggest that a number of molecular mechanisms and responsible for arrh rhythmias were realized in cell membranes and depended on a complex of intrACEllular messengers affected within various steps of the hormonal signal transmission. Expand
Клинико-экспериментальные аспекты изучения геморрагического синдрома при циррозах печени
The article is devoted to modern problems hepatoenterology, in particular to a hemorrhagic syndrome at diseases of a liver, and there are materials the systems of the hemostasis devoted to studying. Expand
Врождённый иммунитет и его значение для биологии и медицины
За последние полвека достигнуты впечатляющие успехи в области профилактики и лечения многих опаснейших заболеваний. Однако механизмы, с помощью которых реализуется способность живого организмаExpand
Medical – biological effects of radiocaesium incorporated into the body. Many others
  • Medical – biological effects of radiocaesium incorporated into the body. Many others
  • 2000
Медико – биологические эффекты инкорпорированного в организм радиоцезия. Мн.: «Белрад»
  • Медико – биологические эффекты инкорпорированного в организм радиоцезия. Мн.: «Белрад»
  • 2000
Prevention of cardiodiseasean urgent task of modern medicine / / Medical News
  • 1999
Ultrastructure of hondrioma of rats kardiomyocits during clinical death in postresuscitation period / / Bull
  • Experimental Biology and Medicine
  • 1999
Bioelectrical activity of cardiomyocytes of irradiated organism in hypoxia
  • 1998