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Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design

  title={Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design},
  author={John W. M. Rogers and Calvin Plett},
Radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs) are the building blocks that enable every device from cable television sets to mobile telephones to transmit and receive signals and data. This newly revised and expanded edition of the 2003 Artech House classic, "Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design", serves as an up-to-date, practical reference for complete RFIC know-how. The second edition includes numerous updates, including greater coverage of CMOS PA design, RFIC design with on-chip… 

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LNA and Square Law Detector at 60 GHz for Passive Radiometers

Millimeter-wave passive radiometers have earlier been designed in III-V integrated circuit (IC) technologies, due to their higher carrier mobility when compared to silicon, resulting in higher

A fully integrated broadband direct-conversion receiver RFIC for satellite tuner

This paper presents the circuit design and measured performance of a wideband receiver for direct conversion satellite tuner. The tuner RFIC is composed of a wideband front-end, a baseband low pass

CMOS linear RF power amplifier with fully integrated power combining transformer

An analog technique of AM-PM distortion compensation is used to linearize the capacitance at the input of the amplifier’s transistors and reduce this type of distortion that severely impacts the error vector magnitude (EVM) of the signal.

High frequency low cost CMOS LNA design procedure for the wireless industry

  • A. AhmedJ. Wight
  • Business
    2008 IEEE International Conference on Electron Devices and Solid-State Circuits
  • 2008
This paper presents a design procedure used in industry for designing low-power narrowband high-gain CMOS LNAs for wireless applications for frequencies greater than 6 GHz, with considerations for

Design flow for CMOS based Class-E and Class-F power amplifiers

The routine computes the passive component values for a Class-E or Class-F based power amplifier and provides its user with a spiral inductor search algorithm, which can be used to generate layouts of inductors with Q-factors optimised at a desired frequency.

Analysis and Design of CMOS Ultra Wideband Receivers

This research focuses on the design and analysis of Ultra Wideband receivers for Multiband Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing systems. A comprehensive analysis of distortion effects in UWB

PLL based fully-integrated LO generation for wideband RF front-ends

This dissertation describes Phase Locked Loop (PLL) based Local Oscillator (LO) designs for RF front-end modules targeting wideband wireless communications systems from microwave to millimeter-wave

A 65-NM CMOS RF Mixer for Different Applications

The reported design achieves good values in terms of a radio frequency mixer evaluating parameters such as: Consumed Power, Conversion Gain, Noise Figure and Linearity.

On-Chip Interconnects of RFICs

This chapter will mainly focus on the analysis of interconnects using conventional CMOS technology, and shed some lights on some emerging interconnect concepts and technologies in the last part of the chapter.

Integrated circuit design for ultrahigh speed frequency synthesis: Direct digital synthesizer and variable frequency oscillator

Design and implementation of the high speed direct digital frequency synthesizer (DDS) and variable-frequency oscillator (VFO) and sineweighted digital-to-analog converter (DAC) in Silicon Germanium (SiGe) BiCMOS technology and using a VFO as the reference clock are presented.



The Design of CMOS Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits

This expanded and thoroughly revised edition of Thomas H. Lee's acclaimed guide to the design of gigahertz RF integrated circuits features a completely new chapter on the principles of wireless

Design of RF and Microwave Amplifiers and Oscillators

Characterization and Analysis of Linear Circuits at RF and Microwave Frequencies. Characterization and Analysis of Active Circuits at RF and Microwave Frequencies. Radio-Frequency Components.

CMOS VCO's for PLL frequency synthesis in GHz digital mobile radio communications

The proposed linearized MOSFET model allows the accurate prediction of the operating frequency while the phase noise evaluation technique makes it possible to determine, through simulation, the relative phase-noise performance of different oscillator architectures.

Design of a low‐phas noise VCO for an analog cellular portable radio application

A voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) with a small power consumption and an excellent signal-to-noise (C/N) ratio was developed for a portable telephone. In the domestic analog portable cellular

A 900 MHz, 2.5 mA CMOS frequency synthesizer with an automatic SC tuning loop

  • Tsung-Hsien LinW. Kaiser
  • Engineering
    Proceedings of the IEEE 2000 Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (Cat. No.00CH37044)
  • 2000
A 900 MHz PLL frequency synthesizer implemented in 0.6 /spl mu/m CMOS technology is developed for WINS (Wireless Integrated Network Sensors) applications. It incorporates an automatic SC

The modeling, characterization, and design of monolithic inductors for silicon RF IC's

The results of a comprehensive investigation into the characteristics and optimization of inductors fabricated with the top-level metal of a submicron silicon VLSI process are presented. A computer

Microwave Transistor Amplifiers: Analysis and Design

Preface. 1. Representations of Two-Port Networks. 2. Matching Networks and Signal Flow Graphs. 3. Microwave Transistor Amplifier Design. 4. Noise, Broadband, and High-Power Design Methods. 5.

On-chip Spiral Inductors With Patterned Ground Shields For Si-based RF IC's

This paper presents a patterned ground shield in- serted between an on-chip spiral inductor and silicon substrate. The patterned ground shield can be realized in standard silicon technologies without

A 2.4-GHz ring-oscillator-based CMOS frequency synthesizer with a fractional divider dual-PLL architecture

A 2.4-GHz frequency synthesizer was designed that uses a fractional divider to drive a dual-phase-locked-loop (PLL) structure, with both PLLs using only on-chip ring oscillators. The first-stage

A 900-MHz 1-V CMOS frequency synthesizer

A 900-MHz 1-V frequency synthesizer has been fabricated in a standard 0.35-/spl mu/m CMOS technology. The frequency synthesizer consists of a divide-by-128/129 and 64/65 dual-modulus prescaler,