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Radio Emission From EAS - Coherent Geosynchrotron Ra- diation

  title={Radio Emission From EAS - Coherent Geosynchrotron Ra- diation},
  author={T. Huege and Heino Falcke},
  • T. Huege, Heino Falcke
  • Published 2003
  • Physics
  • Extensive air showers (EAS) have been known for over 30 years to emit pulses of radio emission at frequencies from a few to a few hundred MHz, an effect that offers great opportunities for the study of EAS with the next generation of “software radio interferometers” such as LOFAR and LOPES. The details of the emission mechanism, however, remain rather uncertain to date. Following past suggestions that the bulk of the emission is of geomagnetic origin, we model the radio pulses as “coherent… CONTINUE READING

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