Radii of spherical timelike orbits around Kerr black holes

  title={Radii of spherical timelike orbits around Kerr black holes},
  author={Aydin Tavlayan and Bayram Tekin},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We study the order ten polynomial equation satisfied by the radius of the spherical timelike orbits for a massive particle with a generic energy around a Kerr black hole. Even though the radii of the prograde and retrograde orbits at the equatorial or polar plane for particles with zero or unit energy have a monotonic dependence on the rotation parameter of the black hole, we show that there is a critical inclination angle above which the retrograde orbits have a nonmonotonic dependency on the… 

Kerr-type naked singularity: its shadow and accretion

We study null and timelike constant radii geodesics in the environment of an over-spinning Kerr-type naked singularity. We are particularly interested in two topics: first, the differences of the



Exact formulas for spherical photon orbits around Kerr black holes

Exact formulas relating the radii of the spherical photon orbits to the black hole's rotation parameter and the effective inclination angle of the orbit have been known only for equatorial and polar

Spherical orbits around a Kerr black hole

A special class of orbits known to exist around a Kerr black hole are spherical orbits—orbits with constant coordinate radii that are not necessarily confined to the equatorial plane. Spherical

Spherical null geodesics of rotating Kerr black holes

Spherical Photon Orbits Around a Kerr Black Hole

Two circular photon orbits are known to exist in the equatorial plane of the Kerr black hole. In this paper, we investigate so-called spherical photon orbits—orbits with constant coordinate radii

Stationary Black Holes and Light Rings.

This Letter proves the following theorem: a stationary, axisymmetric, asymptotically flat black hole spacetime in 1+3 dimensions, with a nonextremal, topologically spherical, Killing horizon admits, at least, one standard LR outside the horizon for each rotation sense.

Global structure of the Kerr family of gravitational fields

The Kerr family of solutions of the Einstein and Einstein-Maxwell equations is the most general class of solutions known at present which could represent the field of a rotating neutral or

Effect of gravitational radiation reaction on circular orbits around a spinning black hole.

  • Ryan
  • Physics
    Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1995
The effect of gravitational radiation reaction on circular orbits around a spinning (Kerr) black hole is computed to leading order in S and in the strength of gravity M/r.

First M87 Event Horizon Telescope Results. I. The Shadow of the Supermassive Black Hole

When surrounded by a transparent emission region, black holes are expected to reveal a dark shadow caused by gravitational light bending and photon capture at the event horizon. To image and study

A Course of Modern Analysis: An Introduction to the General Theory of Infinite Processes and of Analytic Functions; with an Account of the Principal Transcendental Functions

THE first edition of this admirable and well-known treatise was the single-handed work of Prof. Whittaker, and was published in 1902. Into the second edition, which was published thirteen years later