Radicalism as Political Religion? The Case of Vera Figner

  title={Radicalism as Political Religion? The Case of Vera Figner},
  author={Stephan Rindlisbacher},
  journal={Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions},
  pages={67 - 87}
  • Stephan Rindlisbacher
  • Published 1 March 2010
  • Political Science
  • Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions
Abstract Vera Figner was a leading member of the Russian terrorist group Narodnaia Volia [People’s Will] in the late 1870s and early 1880s. In her biography one can trace what Eric Voegelin and Emilio Gentile called ‘political religion’. They argue that such a political religion is a basic component of mass mobilisation and also plays an important role in the exerting of political violence in totalitarian states in the twentieth century. Vera Figner and her comrades shared a deep belief in the… 
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Abstract This article overviews the current debate on ‘political religion’ as it relates to totalitarian regimes. Beginning by contrasting Emilio Gentile's ‘sacralisation of politics' thesis with
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A few minutes after two o'clock in the afternoon on 1 March 1881 (O.S.), the carriage of Tsar Aleksandr II traveled briskly along the Ekaterinskii canal in St. Petersburg. As the Imperial procession
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