[Radical organ-saving operations in scapular tumors].


The paper deals with analysis of data on 37 cases of scapular neoplasms who had undergone such radical function--saving surgery as interscapular-thoracic resection ( Tikhov - Linberg 's operation) (27) or scapulectomy (10). Modifications of both procedures developed by the authors are described. Their application was followed by an improved functional status as compared with other surgical procedures. Oncological status of 30 cases of primary scapular malignancies is discussed: 23 patients were recurrence- and metastasis-free during a follow-up period of 10 months-18 years (21 patients were operated on more than 5 years ago).

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@article{Makhson1984RadicalOO, title={[Radical organ-saving operations in scapular tumors].}, author={N E Makhson and Anatoly N Makhson}, journal={Voprosy onkologii}, year={1984}, volume={30 4}, pages={71-76} }