Radical Politics in a Reactionary Age: The Unmaking of Rosika Schwimmer, 1914-1930

  title={Radical Politics in a Reactionary Age: The Unmaking of Rosika Schwimmer, 1914-1930},
  author={Beth S. Wenger},
  journal={Journal of Women's History},
  pages={66 - 99}
  • Beth S. Wenger
  • Published 25 March 2010
  • Political Science
  • Journal of Women's History
In 1914, when Rosika Schwimmer first arrived in the United States, the American press welcomed her as a prominent Hungarian pacifist, suffragist, and ferninist. Jewish newspapers hailed her as "Hungary's great Jewess, the darling of the women's rights advocates in Europe and America."1 Only fifteen years later, Schwimmer would be an impoverished, stateless, poUtical refugee. Blacklisted by a host of right-wing organizations, she was accused of being both a German spy and a Bolshevik agent as… 
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