Radical Construction Grammar

  title={Radical Construction Grammar},
  author={W. Bruce Croft},

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Modality is a challenging and complex field in linguistics and together with tempus and aspect is probably one of the most dynamic and important terrains in current research. Many difficulties

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A multi-dimensional, feature-based analysis of Cantonese verbs is proposed, whereby morphological, phonological, syntactic, and semantic features interact to determine the distribution of each verb.

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O presente artigo tem como objetivo analisar a construção de atenuação do discurso, que, no plano da forma, é representada pela estrutura [trazerVsuporte + _____ Elemento não-verbal predicante (com

Morphology and Memory: Toward an Integrated Theory

An alternative view of grammar is developed, in which rules of grammar are simply lexical items that contain variables, and in whichrules have two functions: in their generative function, they are used to build novel structures, just as in traditional generative linguistics; and in their relational function, their capture generalizations over stored items in the lexicon.

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Abstract Constructicography can be defined as a blend between Construction Grammar and Practical Lexicography, which aims at developing constructicons: repositories of form and function pairings in a

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Abstract This paper presents a cross-linguistic investigation of the antipassive within the framework of Radical Construction Grammar. Based on function, this study identifies constructions in 70



Radical Construction Grammar: Syntactic Theory in Typological Perspective

This chapter discusses Syntactic Theory and the Theory of Language, which aims to clarify and explain the role of language in the construction of grammar.

Lexical rules vs. constructions: A false dichotomy

Typology and Universals

1. Introduction 2. Typological classification 3. Implicational universals 4. Markedness in typology 5. Grammatical hierarchies 6. Prototypes and the interaction of typological patterns 7. External

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