Radiative quark jet function with an external gluon

  title={Radiative quark jet function with an external gluon},
  author={Ze Long Liu and Matthias Neubert and Marvin Schnubel and Xing Wang},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
Factorization theorems in soft-collinear effective theory at subleading order in power counting involve “radiative jet functions”, defined in terms of matrix elements of hard-collinear fields with a soft momentum emitted from inside the jet. Of particular importance are the radiative quark jet functions with an external photon or gluon, which arise e.g. in the factorization theorems for the Higgs-boson amplitudes h → γγ, h → gg and gg → h induced by light-quark loops. While the photon case has… 

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  • L. Vernazza
  • Physics
    Proceedings of Loops and Legs in Quantum Field Theory — PoS(LL2022)
  • 2022
We discuss recent progress concerning the resummation of large logarithms at next-to-leading power (NLP) in scattering processes near threshold. We begin by briefly reviewing the diagrammatic and SCET

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Building on the recent derivation of a bare factorization theorem for the b-quark induced contribution to the h → γγ decay amplitude based on soft-collinear effective theory, we derive the first