Radiative lifetimes of the bound excited states of Pt

  title={Radiative lifetimes of the bound excited states of Pt},
  author={K. C. Chartkunchand and M. K. Kami'nska and Emma K. Anderson and Moa K. Kristiansson and Gustav Eklund and Odd Magnar Hole and Rodrigo F. Nascimento and Mikael Blom and M. Bjorkhage and A. Kallberg and P. Lofgren and Peter Reinhed and S. Ros'en and Ansgar Simonsson and R. D. Thomas and Sven Mannervik and Vernon T. Davis and P. A. Neill and J. S. Thompson and Dag Hanstorp and Henning Zettergren and Henrik Cederquist and Henning T. Schmidt},
  journal={Physical Review A},
The intrinsic radiative lifetimes of the $5{d}^{10}6{s}^{}^{2}S_{1/2}$ and $5{d}^{9}6{s}^{2} ^{2}D_{3/2}$ bound excited states in the platinum anion ${\text{Pt}}^{\ensuremath{-}}$ have been studied at cryogenic temperatures at the Double ElectroStatic Ion Ring Experiment (DESIREE) facility at Stockholm University. The intrinsic lifetime of the higher-lying $5{d}^{10}6{s}^{} ^{2}S_{1/2}$ state was measured to be $2.54\ifmmode\pm\else\textpm\fi{}0.10\phantom{\rule{0.16em}{0ex}}\mathrm{s}$, while… 
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