Radiative corrections to the decaysKL0→e+e−andKL0→μ+μ−

  title={Radiative corrections to the decaysKL0→e+e−andKL0→μ+μ−},
  author={Duane A. Dicus and Wayne W. Repko},
We calculate the rates and lepton (l) invariant mass distributions for decays of the form ${0}^{\ensuremath{-}+}\ensuremath{\rightarrow}{l}^{+}{l}^{\ensuremath{-}}\ensuremath{\gamma},$ which are important radiative corrections to the purely leptonic decays ${0}^{\ensuremath{-}+}\ensuremath{\rightarrow}{l}^{+}{l}^{\ensuremath{-}}.$ Our approach uses the loop diagrams which arise by including the two photon intermediate state and we retain the imaginary parts of the loops\char22{}a radiative… CONTINUE READING