Radiative charged-lepton mass generation in multi-Higgs doublet models

  title={Radiative charged-lepton mass generation in multi-Higgs doublet models},
  author={Filipe R. Joaquim and Jeffery Penedo},
  • Filipe R. Joaquim, Jeffery Penedo
  • Published 2014
  • Physics
  • We show that charged-lepton masses can be radiatively induced in multi-Higgs doublet models (NHDMs) through the renormalization group running of Yukawa couplings from high to low energies. Some extreme examples of electron and muon mass generation are discussed in the context of two and three Higgs doublet models. It is also shown that quantum corrections to the Yukawa couplings can be naturally of the same order as the tree-level values. We also comment on the implications of considering… CONTINUE READING

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