Radiation transport and nuclear induced heating analysis for ITER baseline design

  title={Radiation transport and nuclear induced heating analysis for ITER baseline design},
  author={D. G. Cepraga and G. C. Panini and G. Cambi and M. Frisoni},
  journal={Proceedings of 16th International Symposium on Fusion Engineering},
  pages={325-328 vol.1}
This paper presents the methodology calculation and the results of heat deposition due to the neutron and gamma interactions with the materials of different ITER zones. One dimensional discrete ordinate technique is used to perform the coupled 174-n and 38-/spl gamma/ transport analysis to produce the neutron and gamma flux distributions. The heat deposition is then calculated by means of the KERMA (Kinetic Energy Release in MAterials) factors and the neutron and gamma nux distribution of the… Expand
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