Radiation to the breast. Complications amenable to surgical treatment.

  title={Radiation to the breast. Complications amenable to surgical treatment.},
  author={J. A. Bostwick and Thomas Ray Stevenson and Foad Nahai and T Roderick Hester and John J. Coleman and Maurice J Jurkiewicz},
  journal={Annals of surgery},
  volume={200 4},
UNLABELLED Major complications of radiation directed to the breast, axilla, and mediastinum were treated in 54 patients from 1974 to 1983. A classification of these complications facilitates both an understanding of the pattern of injury and the development of a treatment plan. CLASSIFICATION I. Breast necrosis; II. Radionecrosis and Chest Wall Ulceration; III. Accelerated Coronary Atherosclerosis with Median Sternotomy Wound Failure After Coronary Revascularization; IV. Brachial Plexus Pain… CONTINUE READING