Radiation therapy in the management of low-grade supratentorial astrocytomas.

  title={Radiation therapy in the management of low-grade supratentorial astrocytomas.},
  author={Edward G. Shaw and C Daumas-Duport and Bernd Walter Scheithauer and David T. Gilbertson and J R O'fallon and John S. Earle and Edward R. Laws and Hiroaki Okazaki},
  journal={Journal of neurosurgery},
  volume={70 6},
The records of 167 patients with grade 1 or 2 supratentorial pilocytic astrocytomas (41 patients), ordinary astrocytomas (91 patients), or mixed oligoastrocytomas (35 patients) diagnosed between 1960 and 1982 are retrospectively reviewed. The extent of surgical tumor removal was gross total or radical subtotal in 33 patients (20%) and subtotal or biopsy only in the remaining 134 patients (80%). Postoperative radiation therapy was given to 139 (83%) of the 167 patients, with a median dose of… CONTINUE READING
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